Opportunity Takers Have No Regrets

This isn’t the post I had planned to write today. I’d actually started on on a completely unrelated subject but it just didn’t feel right. It felt forced. Which is […]

How to Overcome Fear in Your 30s

It’s a Thursday night and I’m standing wearing nothing but a pair of satin shorts, boxing gloves and shin guards. In about 30 seconds, the Emcee is going to call […]

Mountains, Memories and my Father

I’ve climbed mountains since before I can remember. Before I could walk, I was hoisted up various hills and peaks in a 1980’s baby carrier called a papoose. It was […]

What is the Best Baby Carrier?

What is the best baby carrier?┬áThis depends on what your preferences are and what you will use your baby carrier for. The right answer is the baby carrier that is […]

Why Real Men Carry Their Babies

I’m pretty wary when anyone says ‘real men do this’ or ‘only manly men do such and such’. What does that say about the author? Are they trying to imply […]